Losing Nobody

Losing Nobody

Elise’s life is turned upside down when she is confronted with recurrent miscarriages and the realisation that she might not be able to achieve everything she planned for in her life.

A short film based on personal experiences with recurrent miscarriages that questions how we deal with difficult topics. The film's purpose lies in encouraging people to be more open to talking about miscarriage, as a way to support others who go through this often heartbreaking experience in silence. 

Kristine Skaret, konsulent at Midtnorsk Filmsenter said the following about the project:
«Jeg tror dette vil bli en poetisk, vakker, og sorgfull historie som beveger seg mellom den brutale, men likevel hverdagslige virkeligheten, sorgen over det tapte og drømmen om det som kanskje kan bli.» 

The film’s development phase, funded by Midtnorsk Filmsenter, is completed. We have received production funding from Midtnorsk Filmsenter and Fond for Lyd og Bilde. Currently, we are waiting to hear back from the Norwegian Film Institute regarding the remaining amount in order to go into production.


Writer & Director: Denise Hauser
Producer: Tagline AS / Ida Hansen Eldøen
Director of Photography: TYD

Test: Train Scene


Test: Woods Scene