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Film Shoot – Day Four

A month after the first three days of shoot we finally had all the people and equipment together to shoot the remaining days. Even though it was an intense five days the atmosphere on set was good and everyone was working with a positive attitude and a lot of enthusiasm for the project.

On day four we set up the toilet scene which consisted of one wall, the PVC floor and all the props,  including an old toilet and a sink. The day was pretty much spent on the toilet for the main actress Mari Melilot.

I needed a running tap but the tap we had wasn't connected to a water source. Stian Eriksen went to get a hose and at last the guys managed to connect it and get the water dripping into the sink.

The protagonist's glasses were a beautiful vintage pair of laboratory glasses that I got from my chemistry friend in Zurich.

They were reflecting too much so we though it might be possible to cut out the glasses. However, this proofed to be an idiotic idea since the lab glasses were too strong. An hour later we ended up with a drilled pair of glasses that couldn't be used at all.

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