My focus is on visual storytelling and combining creative forces of talented individuals to create meaningful and project tailored communication/content. I have over a decade of artistic and commercial experience within film production. From self pursued artistic projects and as director in the advertising sector. 

A Swiss native, I’ve been shaped by the people I’ve met in Switzerland, London, New York and Norway. My multidisciplinary background and wide range of work has led me to direct animated, mixed media and live action projects such as a four spot campaign for SPDRs together with Ataboy Studios New York, a fundraising film for the Smithsonian Archives of American Art and a brand film for FiLIP ‘The world’s first phone for kids’ together with Leo Burnett New York. 

My short films have screened at over 100 national and international film festivals and I’ve been invited to show and talk about my work as far away as Kyoto, Japan. Current artistic projects in development include: “Losing Nobody” a live action short film based on experiences with recurrent miscarriages that questions how we deal with difficult topics and the mixed media short documentary "Make Her See" which pairs conversations with three established female filmmakers with my own artistic sequences.

For commercial / client based work within Norway I am represented as a director by WEMAKE FILM in Oslo.