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Film Shoot – Day Five

This was the desk scene day.

It was a lot of fun setting up the table with all the colorful liquids in the lab glasses. For some of them I mixed food color with water, for others I dipped some glowing markers into the water. Lit from below with a light attached to the table the whole scene looked pretty.

Again, we had to move the walls and shoot them separately in order to be able to paste things together in post production.

Something I enjoyed particularly was observing the cinematographers Øystein and Stian Eriksen coming up with ideas for the lighting. For example, pointing a small torch upwards to the glass splinter lying underneath the microscope which gave it a beautiful glow.

Same case with the lab glasses. We lit the cotton wool and the seed inside the glass from below which gives the whole scene a magical touch.

On film it might look as if the protagonists were positioned or moving perfectly  normal when in reality sometimes the actors perform in very unnatural ways.

Magnus Børmark from the band 22 and former GÅTE member played order Nr.2.

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