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Film Shoot – Day Three

For a Sunday, this was definitely the most exhausting day of shoot. We started at 12am instead of at 8am. By four o'clock the first part of the shoot day should have been over but we were still setting up the bed scene. The floors and walls turned out to be too small. We had to shoot the part with the actors first. Then we moved the floors and the wall to the right and to the left to shoot the missing parts of the scene. Everything will be composited in post production.

Once the lighting and technical matters had been figured out everything else was piece of cake.

"Order Nr.3" and the three ladies were being blown at with an extremely strong wind machine.

At 7pm, we where finally done with the first part but we still had a whole bunch of gaming scenes ahead of us. The game control was supposed to be smoking from the heat. The cinematographer Øystein from Helmet came up with the idea of drilling a hole into the remote and attaching a burning cigarette.

The smoke was then lit from the back and the excess light that reflected on the actor had to be covered with cardboard pieces.

At the end we had to shoot a scene in which the main actress throws a glass of water into the gaming guy's face.

We repeated the whole take three times, drying the actor and the surroundings with some towels every time. At 3am in the morning we where finally finished.

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