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Film Shoot – Day One

Endre Forbord from Theactionfive getting ready for his role as Order Nr.1.

The whole shoot took place at an old petrol station that has been converted into a studio. It's mainly used by Photographers and sometimes for smaller film shoots.

To start with I wanted to shoot a few simple scenes that were happening in front of a green screen without much props or many camera angles. Endre Forbord, the sun-god actor had to sit on a wooden board which was laying on an iron construction. The construction was moved up and down by Stian Eriksen and Stian Ward Bugten to give the sun-god a certain instability. Hence the impression of floating in water or being taken by waves. The drowning sun-god moved in a more realistic way.

Thanks to Stian Ward Bugten for having the guts to play the Snow Flake. A series of different body movements will be arranged to a star shape in post production.

Jenny Staalnacke, the business woman did her little speech in front of green screen. The background will be replaced with digital animation in post production.

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