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Film Shoot – Day Seven

The last two days of shoot were definitely the most challenging but also interesting talking about technical matters. For day seven, I had planned to set the attic floor onto a bunch of ladders to make space for the actress to open the attic door that was built into the PVC floor. Unfortunately, the ladders we received were not the same height and we spent some time balancing the surface out with wooden planks and books.

Luckily things worked out in the end and we had an almost even surface on which we could place the attic floor.

I managed to tack some black cloth below the door hole in order to cover ugly things. Half of the bed was laid onto a table and covered with a blanket. Then the tripod with the camera was placed just behind the bed. Voila! We had the perfect set-up.

The final image on screen. The greenscreen will have to be replaced with more floor.

In a different scene, it will look as if the protagonist was sitting on the floor when in reality she's sitting in front of the floor on some loud speakers.

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