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Film Shoot – Day Eight

In the morning we shot the second part of the film noir scene. The marks from the shoot one month earlier were still in place so there wasn't much trouble.

With a small-ish budget there isn't much in for lighting. Especially when you have to shoot an exterior scene inside this might be difficult. I decided to move the equipment outside since we had a covered area in front of the petrol station where we could shoot without much additional light. Luckily the days are long in Norway during June.

Underneath the fake ice (plastic, paint, silicon) we placed some white foam board that made it possible to actually drill a hole into the ice.

The whole surface was then covered with wax snow and the actress's clothes were covered with snow spray.

We used the wind machine to make the protagonist look as if she was freezing and struggling in the cold even though we were shooting in the middle of summer and the flowers were blossoming just next to us.

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