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Time Flies

Credit to Mari Melilot for making the costumes for the Sun-God, The Snow Flake (hat made by myself), the silver Jacket, the work gown and the fur hat for the protagonist.

I have just completed the first three days of my film shoot. I am totally exhausted but it feels good to finally see a visual result. After several meetings with my producer Helmet during January and February I started work on a huge set-up plan and shoot schedule. From then on I carried several lists with me that were reminding me of things I had to organize, models I still had to build and props that had to be made. After February I started making the models, most of them 1:6. Thanks to my make-up artist I got in touch with the team from the theater. I got help with painting walls and floors and they helped making the miniature icebergs and a two meter long mountain. I learned how to make a piece of plastic look like ice or making wooden textures with paint and a piece of rubber. They also let me borrow furniture and props I needed for my shoot.

In March, I started looking for actors (friends and friends of friends) who were free and willing to be in my film during the set schedule. The main actress had to cancel her flight three days before the shoot took place. In a matter of a day my whole production plan had been jumbled up and I had to come up with an alternative solution. I decided to first shoot the parts with all the other actors and continue with the protagonist's shoot later.

Luckily, I managed to get together a great team of people.

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