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Film Shoot – Day Two

We shot all the scenes with  Anders Jullumstro, the "workaholic" (Order Nr. 2). In the first scene we had to film him in front of the green screen which will have to be replaced with the kitchen model in post production. For the scene I had imagined cold air emanating from the guy's body. For the close-up shots I wanted to use dried ice that would be held at chest height. However, we had to skip this idea after realizing that the ice moved downwards instead of upwards. Even a hairdryer wouldn't help. I have decided to do an extra day of effects shoot later on.

Another problem to solve was the next scene, a film noir inspired scene on TV. Since the main actress could not be here at the time of the shoot we had to film the man and the woman in the scene separately, marking the position of camera, lights, chair and floor. The light falling onto the floor from the opening door was created with a piece of cardboard that was held in front of a light and moved in sync with the actor's movements.

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