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August 9, 2010 - No Comments!

Finishing the miniatures

For the past weeks I've been editing the footage I've got so far and I've been finishing the miniatures. It's magical seeing everything coming together. It also feels good to work with tactile materials after the months long period of brain work and planning during pre-production. The main exterior scene will pretty much look like one of the first visuals I made after writing the script.

I've finished the miniature house.

I have also finished the kitchen.

This is the main wall of the kitchen.

The models are built in a way that they can be taken apart. Each wall is removable and can be attached with a few pins. This makes it easy to store everything.

Most of the pans, pots and cutlery I have found in a model shop in Zurich.

The rest is made of cardboard and painted with water color.

I have also finished a wall with movable door for the film noir scene.

I've covered the mountains, the terrace and the house with snow paint, wax snow and glue, plus some white cloth and moss.

I still need a huge glass plate (or plastic) that will lay on top of the painted canvas (for the sea) in order to reflect the mountains. Øystein and I still need to find a solution for the camera moves from the sea towards the shore. I have covered some test moons with paint that glows in the night. The result might be too green though.