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March 18, 2011 - No Comments!

Voice Recording in London

Henning Knoepfel and Shearan Thomas during the voice recording.

I just got back from a successful voice recording session at Soundtree in London.

We used two evenings to record all the seven voices for the characters in my film. Next to a few sentences for each character there were a lot of off screen sounds we had to record such as sneezing, breathing etc. In some instances, the actors were asked to talk whilst chewing popcorn or to perform after having inhaled helium.

Henning Knoepfel had previously cast all the voice actors. Within two days after putting up the add we had over 100 responses (!!!) and most of them from people with very professional voice reels. That gave us enough material to cast the right voice for each character.  Everything went according to plan and I am very pleased with all the performances. The next step is to listen back to all the recordings and to choose the best clips.

Thank you to the people from Soundtree who kindly let us borrow their brilliant studio, to Henning Knoepfel who has arranged all of this and who saw to it that all the technical aspects went so smooth, thanks to Shearan, Leonor, Chris, Will, Charles, Deeivya and Lisa for their time and their great performances.