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March 25, 2011 - No Comments!

The Sky is the limit

Regents Park, London

Whilst in places like Zurich and London summer isn't far away, we "Norwegians" have to deal with late March snow storms blowing around the studio corners whilst we're shooting the details of my film. Summer couldn't feel further away.

Still image from Sky shoot.

We have spent some time shooting the remaining sky backgrounds. Some of the things we've managed to re-create: star sky, thunderclouds with lightening, overcast sky, snowy night sky, bright sky and a sun-rise. To achieve this, we used several canvas pieces that I painted, cotton clouds and the superb lighting techniques of Øystein and Stian (considering the by now extremely limited budget). What we haven't managed to re-create yet is the Aurora Borealis. Strangely enough, I haven't yet even seen the real Northern Lights even though I've been living in Norway for a while now.

For the star sky shoot I painted a wooden plate black and drilled different sized holes into it.

Øystein and myself then shot the black plate with the RED camera and a light from the back so that we got some lens flares and other pretty light effects.

Fixing the lights for the cloud shots.

The cloud doctors testing LED lights.

Stian Eriksen playing god with some LED lights.

The final picture for the thundercloud shot.

The shoot is now almost complete and my plan is to update the film edit until the end of next week. In April, I'll be able to focus on finishing the detail work and coloring whilst my collaborators in London can properly start working with sound design and music. Exciting times!